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The 2015 Guangzhou Expo Lanshen resin welcome

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On November 10, 2015 -11, with "innovation and entrepreneurship to provide impetus to the development of environmental protection industry" as the core, to showcase the water, solid waste, air and soil environment governance solution exhibits permeate environmental protection of the whole industry chain of 2015 Guangzhou international environmental protection exhibition and China ring Expo major innovative grand opening at the Canton Fair Pazhou complex. Shaanxi Lanshen special resin Co. Ltd and self-developed special resin series if the nitrophenol, o-nitrophenol special resin organic wastewater treatment LS-200, application of special resin LS-38 in wastewater treatment, suitable for wastewater treatment, bleaching, can be at COD below 50mg/L LS-91. The show, liquid resin adsorption and decolorization test demonstration of professional and technical personnel of our company, attracted many manufacturers on-site attention, consulting the people I believe, always in a continuous line, pay attention to people's livelihood enterprises can go further.Lanshen has been committed to environmental protection, our Chinese dream is to make our environment more beautiful.