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[method] pretreatment method of macroporous adsorption resin

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Before the use of macroporous adsorption resin, according to the requirements of the use of different degrees of pretreatment, the resin is the residual inert solvent removal.

Resin pretreatment method:

A) added higher than resin 10cm layer on the exchange column or extractor more than 95% ethanol immersion for 4 hours, and then leached with distilled water to the effluent water in the tube dilution not muddy so far. Finally, the water was washed repeatedly until the ethanol content was less than 1% or no obvious ethanol odor. The final water level should be kept above the resin level to avoid dry column. Spare。

B) new resin with ethanol or methanol above 2 4BV, 95% to 1 ~ 2BV/hr speed column (such as bubbles, bubbles, and then be out) with distilled water for 1 - speed leaching resin 2BV/hr to the outflow of liquid in the tube water dilution not cloudy or no obvious smell for ethanol finally, in order to maintain the water level above the level of the resin, so as not to dry column. Spare。

Note: BV is twice the volume of resin.