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[method] the general use of macroporous adsorption resin

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1) column:

To feed processing in 1 ~ 4BV/hr flow rate through the exchange column, not the resin layer with bubbles (experimental exchange column requires resin filling height to diameter ratio of more than 3, in the production of resin filling suggestions about 2 meters height, the adsorption rate of 1-4BV/hr.). The leakage rate of the target product in the effluent is collected and detected continuously, and when the leakage exceeds the user's requirement, it is the end point of adsorption.

2) desorption:

With 1 ~ 2BV of distilled water to replace the resin layer of the liquid, according to the needs of different amount of distilled water can be used to wash the resin layer. Then, the organic solvent such as ethanol or methanol is passed through the resin layer at the speed of 1 to 2BV/hr, so as to elute the target product and collect the eluent.

3) regeneration:

After desorption, leaching resin with distilled water to organic solvent flavor, then 2-3 BV 4%NaOH solution with 1 ~ 2BV/hr velocity of leaching resin layer, finally washed with distilled water to neutral, you can use the next cycle. It can be used for ethanol, methanol, acetone and so on.

Note: BV is twice the volume of resin.